That is you, that is unless you are a hero.

So you just came into a brand new town but you don't know what to do. Well this wiki will tell you what to do. (Edits by: thediggletthatdigs)


1st: Look at the forums and see what everyone has to say.

2nd: Then go to your house and open up your gifts. Keep the food but put the other thing into the bank.

3rd: Go into bank and see if the town has any armoury. Take one if they do.

4th: Now you get your water ration and go into the world outside your town.

5th: Help estimate tonight's attack by clicking tower (
Smenu tower

The tower's picture.

picture on right). When in there, click the "HELP ESTIMATE ATTACK" botton. The game will do the rest for you.

6th: Next to the tower, is the project of the day. Vote whatever you think is best for the town. thediggletthatdigs subjests for the first 4 days watchtower.


Now you will want to be careful and not run into zombies so keep a good eye on your map. Don't go more than 6 AP away unless you know what your doing. Once you run out AP just get a drink or eat your food and go back to town. Then put your stuff into the bank unless you need it. NOW REMEMBER IF YOU DO GET CAUGHT WITH ZOMBIES DONT FLEE JUST GO ON THE FORUMS AND ASK FOR HELP BECAUSE IF YOU FLEE YOU GET INJURED AND MOST LIKELY YOU DONT HAVE BANDAGES so you will get infected and die. You can also if you took armory attack a zombie.


Your soul has things about your avatar, coultion (i'll explain later), titles, distinctions, and soul points. Soul points are basicly you'r score. After you die, you will gain them. If you get 100 soul points, you can join a harder town. You get distinctions for what you do. If you die before day 5, most distinctions will not show up. Once you gain enough distinctions, you will gain titles. A coultion is basicly a group of people you travel with when you die. You can join or create a coultion with your friends.

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