Gazette Die2Nite is a cooperative game set in the post-apoclyptic world. You are one of forty individuals that must survive in a zombie-infested world for as many days as you can, using only items that you find in the surrounding desert. However, don't stay out there too long. Each Night, at 23:00 server time, a horde of zombies sets out to destroy your town. As long as the gates are shut, the zombies will not break into your town unless enough zombies overcome the defenses. From there, you depend on your own defenses (a.k.a. your home). If that fails, you're dead.

Each Town starts with a random amount of water (usually somewhere in the range of 80-140 rations), a bank, and a construction site. Every player that joins the town is given a Item chest citizen citizen's welcome pack and a Item food bag doggy bag.

340px|right However, you cannot win by simply building up your own defenses. You must work together with your town. Things such as building a hovel, hoarding defensive items, and taking items from the bank without asking are not advised, or you may end up banished or even hanged! Will you be a leader? A pariah? A follower? The choices are yours, and yours alone, but remember that people won't always agree with your actions (whether they have good intentions or not).

So what will it be? Will you Die2Nite?