When you are shunned, the town takes everything except your water from both your rucksack and chest and places it in the bank.

Update: The town does not take everything. They will take any construction items, defensive items, drugs, cigarettes, water, etc. They will not take decorative items, food, padlock, and most weapons.

When you have been shunned you can no longer

we are revolted.

  • work on constructions
  • convert anything at the workshop
  • open or close the gates
  • take extra water rations through the pump
  • remove items from the bank
  • vote for upgrades

You can still

  • post on the forums
  • estimate the attack
  • take one water ration per day
  • put items into the bank
  • travel outside of town and search for items
  • steal from other citizens
  • upgrade your own house
  • stage a revolt

Shunned players can only receive objects from other shunned players (This also holds true for regular citizens).
If you still want to help the town, you can donate what you find outside to the bank.

Keep these tips in mind for playing while banished:

  • Take water rations every day.
  • Do not drink water rations unless you are thirsty. If the town empties the well into the bank, you're SoL for water.
  • Be careful when travelling outside the gates.
  • Try to be back to town within 10 total movements so you don't create unnecessary thirst.
  • Chances are, the folks who banished you won't be coming to save you from stumbling into zombies.
  • Avoid depleted zones. You cannot use the workshop, so depleted zone materials won't help you.

Stages Of Revolt:

1st stage-"A uprising won't happen over night."

2nd stage-"The strain are starting to show"

3rd stage- Currently UNknown.......

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