Strength and Vitality

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Items are the prime reason civilians are able to survive in the wastelands, from water to pen knives


Weapons Weapons are used to kill zombies in the outside world, often allowing one to continue on their journey through the wasteland. Weapons may break, though how often a weapon breaks is not yet determined.

For more details about weapons please see Dealing With Zombies


Building-Resources-And-Materials Resources are used in various construction jobs, whether it is for the city's benefit or your own.


Food-drink Food and drink are used to restore AP. They can only be used once per day to restore AP. After that they do nothing but satisfy other status effects, like thirst or dehydration.



Food/Drink PackageEdit



Drugs are used for various purposes, from removing status aliments to regaining AP. Drugs are dangerous, as if used more than one per day can lead to an addiction. Addictions will force the user into using a drug once per day for as long as they live, otherwise they may suffer death. Drugs are created by combining two Pharmaceutical Products together, though the outcome is always randomized.


DEFENSEITEMS Defense items are used to add fortification to the city and your home. Just by adding a defense item into the bank adds +2 (or more with Defensive Focus -contruction) defense to the city, or by adding it to your own personal stash will give +1 or 2 to your house. Certain items can also be carried around to add +2 to control points when encountering zombies - so far this has been proven with the Riot Shield as it is available to Heroes.


Decorationd Decorations can add decoration points to a player's house. The amount of decoration points you can recieve varies on the type of item. When you die, you get 1 distinction for every decoration point in your house at the time of your death. Enough disctinctions can earn you a title. They must be placed in your chest to count.




Rumors, Hacks, Removed Content or other.
Items found here are not necessarily found in the game. This maybe because they are part of an older patch, a foreign version or any other reason.

Older versions


Item CombinationsEdit

Note, as the item pages is being updated, we are removing the recipes listed here and placing them in the pages.

  • Lawnmower = Dismantled Mower + Handful of Nuts and Bolts + Duct Tape + Wrought Iron
  • Cafetiere = Incomplete Cafetiere + Cyanide + Electronic component + Duct Tape + Handful of nuts and bolts + Wrought Iron + Copper Pipe .