The Map is a very important aspect of the game since it guides you around zombie hordes, tells you where to find items, and shows you the important places around the city.



The Map is split into tiles in a 14x13 grid that you can traverse either horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally as this makes it harder to avoid hordes, but at the same time gives you more loot chances. these tiles change colors every day to represent where zombie hordes are but they only change if they have been spotted or explored.

different colored tilesEdit

  • Green: no zombies; easiest to cross - even a terrorized citizen can walk here
  • Yellow (Light Green): isolated zombies, 1 or 2 zombies; easily traversed
  • Orange (Brown): pack of zombies, usually 3-4 zombies; bring a friend
  • Red: horde of zombies, usually 5-12 zombies; bring a few friends or some weapons
  • Blue: dense horde of zombies, 9+ always; bring an armed platoon; step on these and prepare to die
  • Slightly Lined Out: explored but not recently; take caution zombies may have traveled into that area
  • Very Lined Out: never explored; practice extreme caution