How to Exit the TownEdit

You can start travelling by going to the town gates,you will need at least 1 AP to exit the town. If the gates are closed you will see a button saying "Open the gates (1 AP)" , the gates must be open for you to travel. Once the gates are open you may exit the town by clicking "Go into the World Beyond...".

Using the MapEdit

If you are inside the town then going to the town gates will allow you to see the map. It shows all spaces that you and other town members have visited, and about how many zombies are in them, green squares are the best as they contain no zombies within them, going up to red,(Click here for all colors and meanings of the map) which means there are a quite a few zombies there. If you are outside the town you can use the map by clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen with the word map on it. Using the map outside of town will only show places you have visited, not other town members.

Traveling in the World BeyondEdit

Once you are outside of the town, (Look at top of page), you can be caught and killed by zombies,but can also find many useful items for yourself, and the town. To avoid be caught by zombies use the map and see Control points. Movement outside of town will cost 1 AP, to move click on an arrow in the direction you wish to move, this will move you one square (and use 1 AP) in the direction you wish to move.

Control PointsEdit

At the bottom of the screen you see the control points for the area. Every human within the zone puts 2 control points towards the human side (the one with the picture of a human on it) and every zombie puts 1 control point towards their side (the one with the picture of a zombie), if there are more zombie points than human points YOU WILL BE TRAPPED THERE, until some zombies are killed or another person comes to add more control points.

Outside at MidnightEdit

At midnight the zombies will attack! if you are out side and not camping, you will die! Get back inside before midnight or go Extreme camping to save yourself from 100% chance of death.

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