Item reporting is an essential part of survival in order to keep to quickly scavenge important items. To begin, list the major items you've come across but unable to bring back so others may pick it up along their way. Please read the guidelines below to ensure a proper report.

The CallEdit

It's recomended to report only items which take longer than 4 AP to travel back to town.

So to prevent confusion and others AP wasted, you're first entry will be an alphabet, starting with "A" then followed by the next alphabet in order for each new item. The next entry will be the item itself. Next it will be followed by the coordinates. The last two entries be the Day (which will be shortened by "D") and lastly the time with a dash between the two.

For example:

A) Rotten Log / 4-6 / D2 - 5:12

B) MP3 / 5-8 / D2 - 5:25

C) Browning M1917 / 6-3 / D2 - 12:30

The AnswerEdit

To report that you've have picked up an item that was listed simply place a numeric number starting with 1, followed by the next number in order for each new entry.

Next, type the name of your comrade followed by the item he/she have listed in the same manner as mentioned in the first segement.

For example:

1) Varka - C) Browning M1917 / 6-3 / D2 - 12:30

2) Major McDuck - A) Rotten Log / 4-6 / D2 - 5:12

3) J@y5oN -B) MP3 / 5-8 / D2 - 5:25

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